At SIERRA HOLDINGS LIMITED Wealth and Investment Management Advisory we specialize in insurance strategies for the protection of personal and business wealth.

Personal insurance is essentially to protect you as the primary resource. Your health, income, teeth and investments are some examples. Disability and death. Liabilities and auto insurance all protect you or your resources that allow you to function.

In the same way, business insurances protects the business resources from the properties, vehicles, staff and liabilities.

Insurance should be considered as the payment of a small premium that makes available a considerably larger sum to meet those unfortunate problems as they arise. This in turn protects capital that would be otherwise committed to be available for such an occurrence, instead it can be utilized to work for the business or be invested itself.

Insurance also allows you to operate with more confidence as you manage your risk and the consequences of passing the inflection point of return on the risk / reward cycle.

With our expert professional guidance, you’ll be able to protect your employees and your business without compromising either.

Our independently sourced products provide scalable protection that will grow with your business.

A selection of the insurance products we can integrate into your business and personal wealth management strategies include;

  • - Professional Insurance - Errors & Omissions
  • - Workers' Compensation
  • - Directors And Officers Liability Insurance
  • - General Liability
  • - Auto (Fleet) Insurance