At SIERRA HOLDINGS LIMITED Wealth Management we specialize in developing executive and employee benefit plans.

This is appealing to business owners who wish to attract and retain the best executives and staff to drive the growth of the business and its revenues and value. As your business is a primary asset of your wealth management plan and a senior investment within your portfolio, maximizing the performance of your staff and balancing this against the costs and liabilities for these executives is a key consideration.


Outsourcing buys economies of scale benefits.

Small to medium businesses have far less predictable insurance risks than those of larger companies. Furthermore they don’t have the facilities or administration to support the provision of quality executive and employee benefits. It is far more practicable to cost effective to outsource the benefit provision into managed coalitions that accept smaller policy numbers and essential remove the liabilities from the core business to a contractor. The unit price may be marginally higher but the risk offset and reduction in administration overhead easily compensated for such a strategy. Your business can therefore compete with larger companies with regard to employee and executive benefits and incentives allowing your business to flourish and your wealth to grow accordingly.

Purchasing coalitions are ‘buying groups’ of companies using their collective buying power to buy blocks of health insurance together. It’s a cooperative buying model that allows your company to be as competitive as the largest of companies.

II. Corporate Health Insurance

Health Insurance is a cornerstone company's benefit for executives and employees.

These are also now available as coalition products and through major insurance product providers. As an independent advisory we are able to act for you in sourcing appropriate products to meet your benefits agendas.

III. Executive Benefits

The best executive talent on your respective marketplace will seek a competitive benefits package. Salaries alone are not the sole consideration.

Equity participation and options plans through non- qualified plans are an efficient way that we are able to assist your business to attract and retain the best executives. These plans will allow executives to accumulate and preserve wealth as your business grows through their efforts aligned to your ownership and direction.

With you. we can design the best Executive Benefits plan that best satisfies your business needs to attract the finest talent while matching the costs and reward balance to your business wealth management needs.

We are happy to advise on these further employee and executive benefits as part of the broader business wealth management strategy;

  • - Deferred Compensation Plans
  • - Supplemental Retirement Plans
  • - Executive Life Insurance Plans
  • - Executive Disability Plans
  • - Executive Long-Term Care Insurance